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Scalable. Robust. User Friendly. Customizable. Many software programs available today lack the functionality that is most important to bail bondsmen. Bonding Company Relationship Manager represents fourteen years' of industry knowledge and input by end users. The software comes complete with all of the modules that you will need to manage the day-to-day operations of your business.

Included Modules


Easier Revenue Cycle Management Bonding Company Relationship Manager's Accounting Module will provide you with the tools to make it easier to collect the monies owed you. Wizards will allow you to quickly generate statements as well as write off any debt that remains uncollected at the end of your fiscal year.


Monitor And Manage Easier Than Before. The Agent's module is unmatched. Easily monitor all of your agents and the financial information related to them (Active Liability, Accounts Receivable, Forfeitures and Missed Scheduled Payments). In the event that you are underwritten by an insurance company, you can monitor an agent's power inventory with ease.
There are many different ways to pay an agent. Bonding Company Relationship Manager comes complete with commission wizards that will help streamline the paying of agents. The software will even allow you to calculate how much of an agent's commission will be deposited into an escrow account that is maintained by the bonding company.


Can't live with them. Can't live without them. When a defendant fails to appear, it pays to not leave any stone unturned. The Attorney's module will allow you to track the defendants who are represented by each attorney and contact them in the event you cannot reach the defendant.

Bonding Companies

When you want to spread the wealth and liability, we have you covered. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you write, you may find yourself writing against a capacity. In the event that you decide to split the liability on a bond so that you do not tie up all of your capacity on a bond that will not be exonerated for an extended period of time, you can split the bond. The Bonding Companies module will allow you to monitor the liability assumed by other companies you have contracted with.


Own multiple companies? Write in multiple jurisdictions that must be tracked separately? Have a capacity you write against? Bonding Company Relationship Manager allows you to maintain records on an unlimited number of companies, with all information tracked separately. For reporting purposes, you do have the ability of looking at things from an All Companies standpoint. Track multiple counties. Track the courts for each county. Configure multiple premium calculation rates. Configure number of days from conditional to final forfeiture (Misdemeanor and Felony).

Defendants & Bonds

Without bonds, you wouldn't need the software. Enter the defendant once and attach multiple bonds to them. Once the file has been entered, you can manage the bond from the Show All Defendants screen. Mark them as a Do Not Bond or High Profile Bond. Flexible Scheduled Payment Arrangements. Defendant Check-In Reminders are sent by text, allowing you to determine if the phone number is still good. A defendant can be setup to check-in by phone or a mobile website that captures location information. Click Here to see how easy it is to update a bond's disposition!

iBond Agent Edition

Access critical decision making information whereever you are. Harnassing the power of Progressive Web Applications, Bail Bond Software Solutions has created a Progressive Web Application that will allow you to access your Black List, Forfeitures, Active Cases, Defendants who money.

Insurance Companies

Underwritten by multiple insurance companies? No problem. The Insurance Companies module will allow you to maintain records on all of the insurance companies that are underwriting your business. Easily assign powers to companies and agents. Wizards assist in power of attorney management. Easily report powers to the insurance company as executed or voided with the Return Powers To Insurance Company wizard.

Integrated Wesbite

Easily modify your web presence through the use of Bonding Company Relationship manager.Need to remove an agent from your website because they ran off with a collateral deposit? Need to publish a forfeiture? Not a problem. Visit Before The Soap Drops Bail Bonds for a live demo of how the software manipulates a website. Have your own website and want to keep it? Not a problem. Bonding Company Relationship Manager comes with its own API giving you the ability to realize an already made investment in a web presence. Click here to see how easy it is to publish a Forfeiture to your website

Mobile Device Account & Location Verification

Verify A Mobile Device's Account & Location Information. Through a strategic partnership with Microbilt, Bail Bond Software Solutions gives you the ability to verify mobile device account and location information from within its two product offerings: Bonding Company Relationship Manager & iBond Agent Edition.

Program Settings

Customization of dropdowns and security. Bonding Company Relationship Manager has been designed so that data that is entered repeatidly is available for selection from a dropdown. The Program Settings module will allow you to control the values your uses can select. This module also gives you the ability of restricting access to the various parts of the program.


Over 20 and counting. Bonding Company Relationship Manager comes complete with over 20 reports that will help give you the insight required in order to make the decisions necessary for your business to remain profitable.

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Defendant Notification System

Defendant Check-In & Notification System Bonding Company Relationship Manager comes complete with the ability of notifying your defendants through email, text and phone calls. How much does it cost to send a text or place a phone call? .007 cents! Defendants have the ability of checking-in by phone or through the use of a website that captures their location and picture.

Data Migration

No need to rekey information when moving to another vendor. Bail Bond Software Solutions has eighteen years experience in data migration and database programming. Call today to discuss your data migration needs.

Custom Software Development

Enjoy customized software at a fraction of the cost. Need an additional field, form or report addded to the software? Call today and we'll be happy to discuss your custom programming needs.

Hardware Installation

Software isn't the only thing we do. Bail Bond Software Solutions can assist with your horizontal cabling and hardware needs as well. Call us and we'll discuss the ways in which we can assist you get your office up and going.

Business Consulting

Serving the bail bond industry is all we do. Thirteen years in the business of developing software for the bail bond industry has given us tremendous insight into the industry. We have participated in the framing of bail bond law for Montana. We know the business inside and out. Click here to read an article concerning how bail reform is offensive to the United States Constitution. Click here to read a sample Independent Contractor Agreement that was authored by the owner of Bail Bond Software Solutions.

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Daniel's software programs makes the business of Bail Bonds a no-brainer. Its innovative and allows us to pull every report required to keep our business running smoothly. - A Taste of Freedom of Bail Bonds, Craig L. Brown, Sr., - Bondsman

Daniel is a very effective programmer that has developed a very well thought out software platform. His knowledge of both the bail industry and software is very impressive.

Thank you for the excellent manner in which you managed the implementation of the Bail Bond Project thus far.