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Bonding Company Relationship Manager

addressing the challenges faced by today's bondsman

User Friendly

User Friendly





Bonding Company Relationship Managerbenefits

  • Hosted Within The Four Walls Of Your Business Enjoy the piece of mind of being able to know where your sensitive data is at all times.
  • Manage Multiple Companies Do the jurisdictions in which you write require you to maintain separate records? Not a problem.
  • Manage Multiple Insurance Companies Are you underwritten by multiple insurance companies? Not a problem.
  • More Efficiently Manage The Challenges Faced By Bonding Companies Flexible Agent Commission Structures. Scheduled Payment Arrangements To Fit Any Situation. Robust Forfeiture Management.





Bonding Companies




Detainer Request By Fax

iBond Agent Mobile Edition

Insurance Companies

Integrated Website

Mobile Device Verification

Program Settings


More efficient Revenue Cycle Management. Generate scheduled payment agreements. Send collection letters and balance text messages.

Keep tabs on agents and their writing habits. Closely monitor an agent's outstanding liability and forfeitures as well as scheduled payments they are to collect.

Maintain a database of attorneys representing your clients as well as the bonding company.For each attorney, you can review the clients that you have in common which can be beneficial when a forfeiture occurs.

Split bond management.For those that write on their own money, there are times when you want to split a bond with another company. The Bonding Companies module allows you to split the liability and monitor how much they are assuming.

Courts & Counties,Jails & Premium Rates.The Companies module allows you to setup the counties and courts where you do business. You also have the ability of setting up flexible premium calculation rates.

Dashboard. Monitor defendants with a scheduled payment due, upcoming court date or who are a forfeiture all from one screen.

Easily manage the defendants and bonds you have posted on their behalf. Management of the bond can be accomplished from the Show All Defendants screen. Want to see how easy it is to update a bond's disposition? Click here!

Receive A Watch Dog Hit and are away from the office? Send A Detainer Request By Fax from your phone using iBond Agent Edition, a Progressive Web Application that gives you access to critical decision making information whereever you are at.

Access critical decision making information whereever you are. Harnassing the power of Progressive Web Applications, Bail Bond Software Solutions has created a Progressive Web Application that will allow you to access your Black List, Forfeitures, Active Cases, Defendants who money.

Manage multiple insurance companies. Track powers from the time they are delivered in the mail until they are returned to the surety.

Integrated Website. As information changes within the software, your website is automatically updated. Visit Before The Soap Drops Bail Bonds To See The Functionality In Action. Interested in seeing how easy it is to publish a Forfeiture to your website? Click Here

Mobile Device Account & Location Verification.Through a strategic partnership with Microbilt, Bail Bond Software Solutions gives you the ability to verify mobile device account and location information from within its two product offerings: Bonding Company Relationship Manager & iBond Agent Edition.

Control program access and a lot more.The Program Settings module allows you to control access all the way to the field level. It also allows you to control what options appear in the many dropdown lists.

Over 20 reports and counting. Accounts Receiveble, Agent Commission, Do Not Bond List, Daily Docket are just of the few reports you can generate from within the software.

RecentlyClient says

Daniel's software programs makes the business of Bail Bonds a no-brainer. Its innovative and allows us to pull every report required to keep our business running smoothly. - A Taste of Freedom of Bail Bonds, Craig L. Brown, Sr., - Bondsman

Daniel is a very effective programmer that has developed a very well thought out software platform. His knowledge of both the bail industry and software is very impressive.

Thank you for the excellent manner in which you managed the implementation of the Bail Bond Project thus far.

Why chooseBail Bond Software Solutions

Bonding Company Relationship Manager was written by a software developer who has twelve years experience in the bail bond industry.
The software has been architected to give you the best of both worlds. At all times, you can put your hands on your data. However, you can access the software from your phone and computer when away from the office.
Who thought we would see a time where bonds were being posted for 2%! Bonding Company Relationship Manager can be a flexible as your business requires.